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Emotion icon defining hunger or drooling.
"What? Your eating pizza? :F
some personによって 2005年01月05日(水)
It means homework and originated from Winchester College. Boys at the school worked in their "toyes" when they did homework, so the work came from there.
You have not finished your toyetime which was meant to be handed in yesterday.
Some personによって 2005年02月14日(月)
means to not be cool and for people not to like
person1:socks with flip flops
Person2:Thats lame
Some Personによって 2005年03月02日(水)
Something you wish you will never will see or even HEAR said.
Silk: DWO 1.90 will be up in a year.
NewPerson: A year?! Aw man, that's a long time
DWO-Oldbie: Alright, I'd rather watch paint dry.
Some Personによって 2004年08月05日(木)
The Source of all internet power and control. The lord of the online gaming community. The Almighty. The holy pwner.
Whoa ..... You just got pwned by DiSKoTRiP
Some Personによって 2003年08月04日(月)
A name given to someone who is completely stupid and a loser. Normally used to describe people using the nickname "spaded"
Spaded : I am a stupid loser
Some person : Oh shut u ass cock
Some personによって 2004年12月25日(土)
board game played by poor folks
get food after passing dollar store
some personによって 2003年10月24日(金)