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sound the Jawas make. Epecially when you shoot them. Or blow 'em up.
"Uteeni!" said the little jawa.
Soapy5によって 2003年12月17日(水)
if you don't know what this means, then you are a stupid shitface.
you are a stupid shitface.
Soapy5によって 2003年12月18日(木)
a gigantic penis. a pecker. nillywacker. shnullywhoop.
Rend her beef curtains asunder with your dudesteak.
-a famous black dude
Soapy5によって 2007年02月08日(木)
kind of like the expession "uteeni!"
Refers to a moment of either joy/excitement or omg.i.am.about.to.die!!/despair
"Woogi!" said the little rascal as i gave him a present.
"Woogi!" said the little rascal as i blew his brains full of hot, molten lead.
Soapy5によって 2003年12月17日(水)
an ass's cock
"My ass's cock is bigger than your ass's cock."
Soapy5によって 2003年12月17日(水)

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