9 definitions by Sir Ryan

A legend that is a legend in of itself.
The Legend of Zelda is a legend!
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)
the tightest fuck for a band ever
Elysia has kick-ass songs like Filthy and Incinerate
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月03日(日)
John Williams's favorite instrument.
He writes alluring runs for piccolo.
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)
two plus two; two times two
2 + 2 = 4
2 x 2 = 4
4 is a great number
it's the fourth number of all numbers
did you know that?
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月03日(日)
two cities; the most ghetto-ass shit holes

see rape
I got shot once in Richmond, California.
One time, in Richmond, Virginia, I was raped!
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)
lips up; teeth exposed
a smile isn't a smile without teeth
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)
Luigi's brother and inventor of the quote "It's a meeya, Mario!"
Mario is a plumber who wears a variation of red or white overalls, t-shirt, and a cap with a big "M" on the front. He's Italian.
Sir Ryanによって 2006年12月02日(土)


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