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After you've takin alot of ecstasy and you start seein shit but your actually dreaming but your awake.....you'll talk to people that aren't their but at the same time see your friends that are there.....your stuck it an easy dream. Usually won't remember the next day but your friends will say you kept trying to bag groceries that weren't their. Usually after taking around ten of them
Your all setting there coming down off the drug and your friend Marie is folding clothes that aren't there while she tells her mom to give her tolite paper.....however all the others see is her folding shit that ain't there talkin to the wall. You'd say man she is easy dreaming big time
ShootinD5nukesによって 2007年12月02日(日)
A girl that sleeps with anyone in your crew if you ask. a.k.a common street filth.

Guy: Marie is coming over!
Guy 2: Why is that good?
Guy : Shes a filthy! she let me and my other friends fuck her in her car then we dropped her off at the gas station
ShootinD5nukesによって 2007年12月02日(日)
When you are arguing with a female and they bring up some silly shit that happened a long time ago. It isn't relevant to the argument but they think it is and on top of that they think they won. I call it green eggs and ham because it's like arguing with Dr. Seuss
Heather: I didn't drink your last beer!
Travis: Yes you did cause there gone what the fuck!
Heather: Well last year you didn't pick me up from work! Ha!
with that over she thinks she has won the argument and usually the guy is speechless or sayin What the fuck! GREEN EGGS AND HAM!
ShootinD5nukesによって 2007年12月02日(日)

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