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See Utah or Mormons
The Mormons in Utah are a bunch of polygomists
Ryanによって 2004年12月01日(水)
The act of completely kicking someone's ass.
Man, he is stoopsing the crap out of that guy!
Ryanによって 2003年11月12日(水)
1. chinese for abnormally retarded
ryanによって 2003年08月21日(木)
Xbox Live God

Gamertag: en7rapmen7
"The best deagle aroun, give him his crown"
Ryanによって 2004年09月21日(火)
to have sex with all the women you know
i am a sooky sooky man
ryanによって 2005年03月12日(土)
(n.) a person who has done something stupid, or fucked up something.
(v.) to describe something that is not quite right.
The man that caused the accident is bocephus. My car is bocephus because it broke down.
ryanによって 2003年08月08日(金)
the term used when you want to sneak food into a place where they want you to buy their expensive food... it also is quite funnyt because it sounds german
are we gonna sneakinfoodin to the movies?
Ryanによって 2004年11月20日(土)


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