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4 definitions by Rod "Politico" Adkins

To produce, distribute, or sell independent music online. Primarily refers to Net labels.

Syndakit Studios has a major e-hustle going on for 2006.
Rod "Politico" Adkinsによって 2006年05月07日(日)
Term coined by Rod "Politico" Adkins to describe his world-wide Northern Sound Underground hip-hop music movement. Can also mean all over the map.
We G-Yo Politico in dis bitch, ya'll some local e-hustles.
Rod "Politico" Adkinsによって 2006年05月09日(火)
Term coined by Rod "Politico" Adkins used to describe current and future Hip-Hop Moguls, and stars. G-Yo Politicians have to travel around bringing in more votes and exposure to their label.
Yo, did you hear T.I.s boy got shot up in Cincy? I guess it ain't crackin for Southern G-Yo Politicians around there.
Rod "Politico" Adkinsによって 2006年05月09日(火)
Term coined by Rod "Politico" Adkins to describe his relationships with other artists and labels across the map.
We had some beef with these suburban cats in St. Cloud, MN. They couldn't hold us in a single battle, they ain't ready for this level of G-Yo Politix
Rod "Politico" Adkinsによって 2006年05月09日(火)