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Dyeing and colouring of the hair. Originally used to describe the colouring of the hair with "Cosmic Colour" aerosol temporary hair colour, but now covers all instances of dyeing and colouring the hair.
I got an all-over cranial debognotisation with "Cosmic Colour" hair dye at the school fete.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月07日(火)
Someone who puts make-up, paint, ink, or similarly pigmented substance on another person.
I got a job as a debognotiser at a beauty salon.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月02日(木)
To put make-up, paint, ink, or similarly pigmented substance on someone.
I am looking forward to having the make-up artist debognotise me.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月02日(木)
A person who has make-up, paint, ink, or similarly pigmented substance applied to them.
I would love to be a debognotisee for that gorgeous body painter.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月02日(木)
To have put make-up, paint, ink or similarly pigmented substance on someone.
We debognotised our friend last night with magic marker pens.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月02日(木)
A nightmarish creature, slightly larger than a human head, white, slimy and vaguely heart shaped. Its method of attack is to produce a feeling of extreme discomfort and sliminess in the stomach area of its victims by attaching itself to them. If attacked, the white slimy body would reveal a "bone"-shaped twig-like entity at its centre, which, when snapped in two, would yield *another* bousey. Using a form of mind control, the bousey would compel you to snap the twig and re-create itself once attacked.
Help! I'm being attacked by a bousey!
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月07日(火)
Generic word for a pigmented substance which can be applied to the skin, such as make-up, paint or ink.
We went to the shop to buy some dus for body painting.
Rick Millsによって 2004年09月08日(水)

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