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When a man (or woman) with the first name "Ray" rapes someone.
The other day my dad Ray, Rayped me.
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)
When a man ejaculates on a woman's face, primarily around her mouth. After this process the man must proceed to rip out the woman's pubic hair ad adhear it to the ejaculate on the woman's face, creating a "lincoln's Beard".
Man, I was fucking this chick on the weekend, and she stuck her finger up my ass, so I was like "bitch, you did not just do that..." So she paid the price, and recieved a genuine Lincoln's Beard.
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)
When a man (or woman) with the first name "Ray" gets extremely angry/pissed.
The other day my dad Ray when into a total Rayge, and hit me.
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)
A term used when in a moment of intense passion, best observed when in a higher pitch.
"Well, slash was on the phone and I was all like, YAR!"
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)
A derogatory slang word reffering to a woman who has a the face of a oiseau (bird)
Guy A: "Did you see that girl?"
Guy B: "Yeah"
Guy A: "She had a pointy nose that made her look like a channy"
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)
Some one who enjoys the company of people who Quack. A good giveaway is wearing a green shirt, with a duck on it.
My teacher was wearing his mallard shirt today.
Ray-Cory-yar-yarによって 2007年11月03日(土)

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