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Comes from G Unit and niggers, put together they make a nigger unit.
"Hey check out those black guys"
"Must be a nigger unit"
"Stupid niggers"
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月12日(火)
An asian/chinese attempt at saying nigger please.
Black man: "Look here, put your fucking hands up and give me the cash"
Korean store owner: "Niggah preahse"
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月14日(木)
A laughing walrus, usually high.
Zoo Keeper: "There's one happy walrus"
Spectator: "Must be a lorus"
Zoo Keeper: "roflcopter"
Spectator: "No lolrus you gimp"
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月14日(木)
Can be used to tell someone to back up, or back off.
1:"Your mums a hoe"
2:"Fuck up cunt"
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月12日(火)
Fucking filthy queers who taint real men.
Bloody gays, always queerifying my telly.
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月14日(木)
A stupid defition added by a noob
"I'm gay, well whats a stupid definition.. AHH ego fart!"
Pooneriserによって 2005年04月14日(木)
Originated from the queer in a Gi Joe episode.
DO you want you pork chop sandwiches?

Pooneriserによって 2005年04月12日(火)

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