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A condescending way to tell someone to leave. Commonly followed up with and insult to their character or appearance
1. Hit the streets, pork barrel.
#piss off #get lost #go home #fuck off #go away #buzz off #get out
Paddymacによって 2006年08月28日(月)
A term used to describe the state of a penis whilst between flacid and erect. Basically half erect.
I was gonna show that girl the time of her life, but I could only muster up half a raja
#penis #half erect #king of kochi #mini boner #mr floppy
Paddymacによって 2006年08月29日(火)
Insulting term for an ugly woman.
you: check out that blond, she's a nice piece

me: are you serious? That muck bag.. she's got a face like a careless beekeeper
#ugly #minger #stinker #skank #hideous
Paddymacによって 2006年08月30日(水)
When you smoke some killer weed, and sit in a comfortable chair, and it feels as though there is some form of suction, or special gravity, keeping you on the chair
"dude, that shit was chronic, I'm GForce'ing my ass off over here."
#wasted #stoned #hemped #body-stoned #spinning out
Paddymacによって 2006年08月28日(月)
1. when a person sucks back a fully packed bong, and coughs vigorously for a prolonged period of time.

2. to get beaten up badly
I thumbscrewed Jimmy a monster bong and he took the whole thing... but he was made piss

I can believe that guys started on me, didn't he know he would get made piss
#cough you ring up #asthma attack #beaten up #smashed #cough to get off
Paddymacによって 2006年08月31日(木)
Uncontrollable laughing and crying at the same time. Usually as a result of trying to cheer someone up while they are upset.
Jenny was so upset last night so I tried to cheer her up with the midget dance. I kind of worked cos' she burst into laughtear
#hysterical #crying #laughing #giggle #giddy
paddymacによって 2009年03月27日(金)
A computer thats sole purpose for existence is accessing sexually explicit material for the purpose of self-gratification.
Hammo: Hey Timmy, got any porn vids, I just got blue-balled that that girl with no tits

Timmy: Sorry mate, I don't have any vids, but the jack mac is full of pleasing material.
#wank material #blue-balled #don't argue #wristee pc #ripping the head off it
paddymacによって 2009年09月10日(木)

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