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Sub-character on South Park, episode 501, where Scott sells Cartman his pubes for 10 dollars. After Cartmen learns from Kyle, Stan, and Kenny that you have to grow your own pubes, he seeks revenge on trying to get his 10 dollars back. After many failures, Cartman makes the ultimate plan. He decives everyone into thinking that he is going to have Radiohead, Scott's favorite band, come to Cartman's "Chile-Con-Carnival", where he is going to have a pony bite off Scott's weiner. Instead, Cartman tricks Scott into thinking this, but instead the Redneck that owns the pony kills Scott's parents, when they try to take it after Scott tells them that a pony is being held at the Redneck's farm; trying to make it so Cartman's plan is foiled. With the parents dead, Cartman takes Scott's parents, spends a night with a hacksaw, and has a surprise for Scott at the Cook-off. When they are switching Chile to taste, Scott thinks that Cartman is eatting a Chile full of pubes, but what is really Chef's chile. Cartman reveals to Scott his plan, and tells Scott that Scott is eating his parents, who Cartman hacked up. Radiohead comes and tells Scott he is a crybaby and uncool kid. Kyle and Stan promise never to mess with Cartman again.
"Ha ha ha hah ha ha, I made you eat your parents!"
OvalvaSixによって 2005年01月05日(水)
Hero that survived the Black Mesa Incident, and the Combine overtaking, of which destroyed the Citadel run by Dr. Green, former Admin of Black Mesa. MIT graduate, he worked at Black Mesa, until the incident, then was hired by the mysterious G-Man, to which he is to fulfil his every whim; next of which was the Combine overrising and destroying the Citadel. Also known as the "Free-man".

Though a destined hero, he still has no reason to speak. Curious as to how he got through school...
Headcrabs still fear Gordan till this day...
OvalvaSixによって 2005年01月05日(水)
One kickass mutha fudga
OvalvaSix has come to capture all the girls and bo.. Little girls....
OvalvaSixによって 2005年01月04日(火)
Common name for OvalvaSix's genitelia. Usually needs to be sharpened every once and awhile. Currently on Level 1, with the combo of "Thrust or bust". Will be able to add more combos as it levels up.
"I must sharpen my Axe of Evil"
OvalvaSixによって 2005年01月05日(水)
Big Fucking Cunt. What more do I need to say for this thing?
Jen thought I said BFC, when I really said BFG (Big Friendly Giant)...
OvalvaSixによって 2005年01月30日(日)

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