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another term for the drug cocaine
I'm well done in lets get some Bolivian marching powder to help through the night
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月17日(月)
a wool hat worn typically during winter. its fits like a skull cap but covers the whole top head including ears. Also known in hip-hop circles as a B-hat
check out my new beenie hat its well warm
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月24日(月)
another term for the drug ecstasy,
last night i double dropped 2 berries and i was outta my tree
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月24日(月)
the male genittalia with reference to sexual intercourse
i broke her beef curtains with my monsterous gammon slammer
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月17日(月)
another name for skunk when it is particually smelly
christ that cheese smells potent
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月24日(月)
the baker street, known technically as the Perinium is the portion of the body in the pelvis occupied by urogenital passages and the rectum, bounded in front by the pubic arch, in the back by the coccyx, and laterally by part of the hipbone. Simply put, the part on the womens body between her anus and her pussy, often a sweaty area to venture towards. Named after the tube stop because it is the only place where you can switch from the brown to pink lines effortlessly.
i was licking this girl out round the baker street and my tongue slipped onto the bakerloo line, ouch!
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月24日(月)
to roll a spliff / biffta
im gonna rack a huge spliff on this folded flier
Nox Nocticsによって 2006年07月18日(火)

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