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A 'Dangle Berry' refers to poo and bits of toilet paper stuck in the hair around the anus.

They cling to the hair and look like shitty berries, hence the name.
...and as I rimmed him I noticed something in my mouth- it was a dangle berry!!!
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)
Refers to the sexualization of pre-sixteen year-olds by marketeers to sell records. See Britney Spears in 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.

Originates from 'Branded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers' by Alissa Quart.
Corporate pedophilia is SO uncool, man.
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)
Uglitarianism is a sentimental form of vegetarianism. Uglitarians feel guilty about eating cute animals (such as baby sheep, ducks, etc) and therefore only eat ugly animals (such as pigs, cows, fish etc).
I don't eat lamb- I'm an uglitarian.
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)
Whereas bling and blingbling refer to the imaginary sound that is produced by the internal refraction of light in cut diamond, blang and blangblang refers to sound of light refracting inside QVC's Diamondite. blangblang is mainly used as an ironic substitute for blingbling- a phrase now favored by the mtv generation.
Oh my godlessness! That Sinitta remix is so blangblang.
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)
Dangle Berry refers to bits of poo and toilet paper stuck in the around around the anus. They dangle like berries- hence their name.
I was rimming him when I noticed something in my mouth- it was a dangle berry!
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)
Maloning is an act of getting ahead in your career at the expense of someone else. This usually involves an act of violence- such as deliberatly injuring someone else.

Originates from the character 'Nomi Malone' in Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls. In this movie, Ms. Malone pushes a fellow Showgirl down the stairs to further her career in an act of Maloning. The other character pushed down the stairs was 'Maloned.'
"Tonya Harding totally Maloned Nancy Kerrigan."
Nixon Popdizzyによって 2003年11月03日(月)

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