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4 definitions by Michael Hayes

The fear of intentionally killing oneself.

Johnnys suicidaphobia kept him standing on the buildings ledge for hours before he finally threw himself to the mercy of God.
Michael Hayesによって 2006年01月11日(水)
An act of intentionally killing oneself without active effort.
Travis committed passive suicide by not taking his life-saving medicine.
Michael Hayesによって 2006年01月12日(木)
An act of intentionally killing oneself with milk.
Travis committed lactic suicide because he couldn't afford an Xbox.

Michael Hayesによって 2006年01月11日(水)
A place to go and enjoy the sight of skanks, whores, and other beast telling stories about one of their baby's daddy's trailor blowing away in a tornado. Random outbreaks of verbal violence can be expected from Koe.
Welcome to the Bluegrass Barn! Where we put the FU back in Fun.
Michael Hayesによって 2006年01月01日(日)