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The feeling you get the day after you have just witnessed a Muse concert - It's a depressing feeling, knowing that you will have to wait ages to see them again. Can last up to a week.
Guy1: I was at a Muse concert last night
Guy2: Yeh was it good?
Guy1: Of course it was good, it's Muse! - but now I have post muse blues :(
#muse #concert #blues #depression #matt bellamy
Matthew bennettによって 2006年11月13日(月)
The surgery needed to sort out a really ugly person's face (usually a girl).
The girl at the checkout had a nose like a jumbo jet, she needed some heavy duty rhino plastery!
#plastic surgery #ugly #rank #nose #disgusting
Matthew Bennettによって 2006年05月20日(土)
To Ignore someone, or something
Stop pieing my txts,or ahll glass u!
Matthew Bennettによって 2005年05月10日(火)
The act of kissing/snogging/making out with another person.
Guy1: Did you blaze Natallie last night?
Guy2: Yes, I was really drunk!
#kissing #blazing #snogging #making-out #getting with
Matthew bennettによって 2006年03月06日(月)
The space between a woman's vage and anis!
I licked her Vage - It tasted of piss shit sweat and cum all at the same time :(
Matthew Bennettによって 2005年05月10日(火)
A fat person, who seems to have a goldfish memory
Nicole is such a big mac!
Matthew Bennettによって 2005年05月10日(火)

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