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n. A rule in which applies that after you spot a woman you would like to meet or notice a woman is giving you eye contact, you immediately approach her within 3 seconds to prevent any bad thoughts or limiting beliefs (excuses) from holding you back.
I was at a club and I noticed that girl checking me out, I gave her the 3 second rule ..1..2..3, then asked her for a female opinion on something.
Markee Markによって 2007年05月10日(木)
When someone is just being a really big dick.
Bob! Why do you have to keep eating the last ice cream sandwich from the fridge all the time!? You are being a stupid Niggerdick!
Markee Markによって 2007年05月17日(木)
A baby made by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Stolen Identity 3". Usually seen with a cigar in his mouth.
"He's so cute! He has your eyes!"

"of course he does! He's my Clone Baby!!"

"eeyeeaaahyeahya.. goo goo gah gah mah mah."
Markee Markによって 2008年05月13日(火)
A hard candy-like snack enjoyed by people in Super Mario Galaxy.
I need to eat 80 star bits to burst with snacky happiness then transform!
Markee Markによって 2008年05月13日(火)
Hard candy-like snack enjoyed by people and Lumas alike in Super Mario Galaxy.
I need to eat 80 StarBits to burst with snacky happiness then transform!
Markee Markによって 2008年05月22日(木)
1. (n.) King Savage
2. (v.) The act of chugging a mixed drink with 5 or more shots worth of strong alcohol. Minimum requirement that the container be at least the same size of a standard "red plastic cup" (a "Flip-cup" cup).
3. (n.) The rightful name to the one who can chug the biggest shot-worth amount of alcohol in one cup.
cmon, man! K-Sav that shit! Ohhh! Only a King Savage could handle something like that!
Markee Markによって 2007年09月01日(土)
n. 1.A navy term for a screaming man on fire.
2. A fiery god of the Alphaball, created by the magical ink of Tink's pen.
The screamingalpha brought havoc to all created by making his giant army.
Markee Markによって 2007年03月27日(火)