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15 definitions by LordWatson

Based on a quote from the movie, an expression meaning something is the ultimate.
Dude, I love that girl, she's my Rushmore.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
Strip club
My girlfriend's outta town for the weekend, let's go see some peelers!
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
A guy who intentionally goes after fat drunk and ugly girls for sex.
Hadley shouldn't be so proud of being a donkey slayer.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
An self-acknowledged pathetic put-down. From the failed put-down in the Simpsons, one bully says "Nice glasses four eyes", the other bully says "yeah, and nice shoes......two feet."
-You're an asshole.
-I'M an asshole??? Well........nice shoes.......two feet.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
An asshole, someone deserving no respect. Coined by a pisshead Liam Gallagher (from Brit Pop band Oasis) as he was being thrown drunkenly out of a trendy London club.
Feck off you cuntibollocks.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
to have an ugly face, to be unattractive.
When my sister was born my dad said her face looked like a can of crushed assholes.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)
Women of college at Trinity College, University of Toronto.
We left Gabby's last night cos' all the Trin' bitches showed up.
LordWatsonによって 2003年07月12日(土)