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The sweetest person i have ever met. He makes me smile, laugh, and sometimes makes me crazy its all rad. I love him so much!
I love riley!!!He is so rad.
Lexiによって 2004年08月12日(木)
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wannabe gangsta
I Bob Smith (white boy) is a wangsta
Lexiによって 2003年04月19日(土)
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A face, commonly used in roleplays or chatrooms, that conveys being tired, fed up, or exhausted. Durh.
Blog Entry 87980474: Today was not fun. I had to clean horse crap all day, and baby sit my little sister. e_e!
Lexiによって 2004年07月01日(木)
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a tasty little cake, yellow on the innie,white frosting on the outy,and chocolate fristing drizzzled on top to make it look like a zebra
Little Debbie makes Zebra CAkes that are delicious!
lexiによって 2005年01月11日(火)
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Used to define something larger or better than anything else.
That was the mother of all goals.

I need the mother of all beers to quench my thirst on a hot day like this.
Lexiによって 2004年01月09日(金)
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When a guy eats out a girl with her period then she blows him then they kiss with all of the stuff in their mouth
You guys Rainbow kissed last night, thats sick!!!
Lexiによって 2003年11月25日(火)
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Kick ass NHL team. A team in which I have been cheering on since before last year. Skilled players, cool coach, awesome team. Way better than the Leafs.
I love the Calgary Flames!
Lexiによって 2005年01月21日(金)
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