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3 definitions by Lee Miller

moi = "me" in french
ffs it means me in french doesnt it. lol
Lee Millerによって 2004年08月03日(火)
Nickname Given to Lee by Karoo.local user(scotty) Coz We Rock. ;)
DJ Kcom
Kcom aka Lee
Lee Millerによって 2004年05月08日(土)
One who is not good at his chosen profession or current task.

A jabroni talks smack but has no way of backing up his mouth.

A jabroni lets his mouth say stupid things when it shouldn't.
To quote The Rock... "Who... in the Blue Hell are you... jabroni?"
As if to say, "Who are YOU to interrupt me?"
Lee Millerによって 2003年01月06日(月)