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An underwater release of ones gases.
Will: Hey everyone go underwater I got something to tell you
(An underwater methane gas is released from Will's anus)
Paige, Kristyn, Franky: Oh my god he Poodie doo'd
Laurionによって 2007年04月25日(水)
When a white guy either falls in love or just randomly dates a black woman.
Ernie: I got me a new hoe homie!
Nine: Awe does she got a fat ass?
Ernie: Here she is, her name is Tanya
Nine: Damn boy yousa darkness tang!
Laurionによって 2007年04月14日(土)
When a white woman either falls in love or just randomly dates a black guy.
Brittany: Hey Paige come meet Kayla's new boyfriend.
Kayla: His name is Chris.
Paige: Damnnnnn Kayla yousa darkness balls!!!!
Laurionによって 2007年04月14日(土)
1) A wide set vagina
2) Smelly vaginal area
Kistyn: That was an awesome concert Paige! I be sweatin.
Paige: Damn Kristyn your patootie tang got some stank on it!
Laurionによって 2007年04月14日(土)

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