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When something moves by itself, like it is breathing.

A pussy that twitches and move when sexually stimulated by the mind and thoughts alone without touching it.
Johns arm pulsate after he finish lifting weights.

Rhianna's pussy pulsate during a hot sexy conversation with her boyfrriend.

Dang girl you made my pussy pulsate last night when we were on the phone. You had me so freaking hot when you said you can make me moan.
#twitch #move #breath #back and forth #jerk
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
A sudden move, a flinch.

When a girl gets on one for a male/female and her pussy twitch. It pulsate's for sexual pleasure.

To move in a swift way.

I knew I saw him twitch when his mom opened his room door.

Dang boy you just made my pussy twitch thinking about what you want to do to me.

They always twitch when they think they're about to get caught.
#flinch #quick #jerk #pulsate #move
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
Means whatever.

Also a Spanish term meaning whatever.
Well lo que...

I don't care what you say, "yea lo que I don't care either".

Breion - "Dang bitch you think you all that"
Cherisha - "I know I'm fly, lil girl"
Breion - "lo que"
Cherisha - "Don't get mad cuz I'm rockin these jeans"
Brion - "smiles and says, you know you lookin' good girl"
Cherisha - "Youse a bitch but you know you my whodie"
#whatever #don't care #no feelings #talk just to talk #don't want to be heard
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
To be sexually stimulated to the point you want to have sex.

When the penis gets hard from a male thinking dirty thoughts and this make him want to fuck. The vagina hardens when a female thinks naughty and this makes her want to fuck.
Say whodie, my girl had me on a good one last night.

Girl my boyfriend had me on a good one earlier today when we were on the phone.
#stimulate #on one #want sex #need sex #erected
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
To have or want sex.

Means to fuck.
I'm so damn horny, I wanna woo hoo right now!!

I can't wait to get home to woo hoo.
#fuck #sex #horny #korny #freaky
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
To be sexually stimulated.

When the pussy/dick gets hard when thinking nasty thoughts and it needs to be touched.
I'm on one now just thinking about sex lol.

If I talk dirty to you then trust, you will be on one.
#sexually stimulated #erected #hard #want sex #yurn for sex
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)
When a girl wants a guy to fuck her.
Damn boy you can come over and hit me up tonight.

Girl he's so cute, he can hit me up anytime... fo real.

I need a real nicca to hit me up!

I want to be hit up by the right guy this time.
#fuck #sex #hit #pluck #dick in pussy
Kietee025によって 2006年06月25日(日)

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