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Any member of one's chosen gender that makes it into that piece of furniture ordinarily used for sleeping (or, alternately BUMPIN' AND LOVIN' IN THE BED). A bed-buddy's purpose is usually sexual in nature, although s/he may also be a cuddle provider.

Often abbreviated as "BB."
She shook her head when asked if she and Alain were dating; he was simply a bed-buddy, and nothing more.
Jess Parkによって 2004年02月22日(日)
Usually written in all caps for maximum effect, this is a smug declaration of quasi-random physical affection with someone of the male gender. May result from HEE HEE PET PET and lead to chin-chap and/or BUMPIN' AND LOVIN' IN THE BED.
Dakota smiled lazily and announced to her friend, "My lips are chapped... from MAKIN' OUT WITH SOME BOY last night!"
Jess Parkによって 2004年02月22日(日)
"HEE HEE PET PET" is the near-incoherent inner babble of a person who is engaging in pleasurable physical activity (petting) with one of their chosen gender, more than likely for the first time in a long time; this can refer not only to the exclamation but to the activity itself.
Glenda found herself somewhat dazed as Marshall kissed her, the words "HEE HEE PET PET!" running through her sex-starved mind.
Jess Parkによって 2004年02月22日(日)
Physical activity of an at least somewhat sexual nature in a piece of furniture ordinarily used for reclining and sleeping. May be a result of HEE HEE PET PET and/or MAKIN' OUT WITH SOME BOY and lead to chin-chap.
"Soooo," teased Sierra, glancing at Charlize's JBF hair, "looks like someone's been BUMPIN' AND LOVIN' IN THE BED!"
Jess Parkによって 2004年02月22日(日)
Abbreviation of "bed-buddy." May be used to denote number of bed-buddies.
With a laugh, Janeve said, "Yeah, I know, I'm up to BB #13 already!"
Jess Parkによって 2004年02月22日(日)

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