5 definitions by Jeff Murray

to smoke marijuana.
Yo, you tryin to hit that ach!?
Jeff Murrayによって 2005年05月05日(木)
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to eat then smoke marijuana, or the other way around.
Yo, you tryin to mach and ach?
Jeff Murrayによって 2005年05月05日(木)
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Princess, Ratface, Mongoloid... Andrew R.
Andrew was a ratface bastard. (correction) Andrew is a ratface bastard... ach.
Jeff Murrayによって 2005年05月03日(火)
23 27
the vain on this dick.
Yo' grrrl... did you talk to devain today?

Devain who?

Devain on this dick bitch.
Jeff Murrayによって 2005年05月05日(木)
6 12
Annashrew what does she do? Princess pussy lips ratface bastard kitty mew mew.
Annashrew was a ratface bastard... (correction) Annashrew is a ratface bastard. ach.
Jeff Murrayによって 2005年05月05日(木)
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