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What happens to guys after a few too many beers that makes them pick up ugly chicks.
Man did you see that ugly chick Jim picked up last night, he musta had a bad case of bar eye.
Jaydogによって 2004年01月09日(金)
-When a bar opens both front doors so the fat chicks can get/fit in.
-Any night where a bar or club is full of fat chicks.
Man look at all them fat chicks, it must be a double door night.
Jaydogによって 2004年01月09日(金)
Any chick wearing baggy pants with a saggy crotch, hiding thier ass.
She has a pretty face but I cannot tell what her body is like becuase she is a sag witch.
Jaydogによって 2004年01月09日(金)
A chrysler corp vehicle. Also stands for My Old Pig Ain't Runnin.
I need a ride becuase My Old Pig Ain't Runnin.
Jaydogによって 2004年01月09日(金)

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