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If you get 'some of the face' it means that you have kissed someone. Or if you want some of the face then it means you would like to kiss someone. It is usually accompanied witha a swirling, sweeping, open-handed gesture circling your own face.
Dude #1 - Yo, how did you get on with that chick last night?
Dude #2 - Well, I got some of the face.
Dude #1 - Nice.
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)
The act of getting a guy off by squeezing his dick fromt he outside of his jeans. Perfect compliment to the 'Slack Squidge'.
Dude #1 - How far did she go last night?
Dude #2 - I just got a little Jean Squeeze.
dude #1 - Not bad.
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)
This means an amazing looking booty on a lady.
Dude #1 - Dude, check out that chick's poss.
Dude #2 - Wow, now thats a Fantasti-Poss!
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)
The act of frigging a chick off with your fingers/hand from outside her trousers. Usually takes place during a 'Jean Squeeze'.
Dude #1 - So how far did you get with her?
Dude #2 - Not very, just a little slack squidge.
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)
A poss is a ladies backside. It is derived from the word posterior.
"Check out that chick's poss!"
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)
Its a euphemism for a Vagina. It can come in two varities. A good Sitch or a bad sitch. Sitch is short for situation. ie; She has a good situation to be in or a bad one. Get it?
Dude #1 - So how was that chick last night?
Dude #2 - She had a tasty little sitch.
- OR -
Dude # 1 - So, how was that chick last night?
Dude #2 - Man she had a nasty sitch! All hairy like a briar patch!
Jager Steveによって 2007年09月25日(火)

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