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Someone that appears attractive from a distance whom upon further inspection turns out to be totally hot often causing others to stop and marvel at their beauty and/or hotness.

The term is derived from the motions of which you would take when approaching a stop sign in a car. You slow down to check said person out and when you come to the conclusion that they are indeed worth the effort you come to a complete stop and approach.

The opposite of a speedbump.
Rick: Man, Trey, Joe and I ran over at least 5 speedbumps today
Trey: That sucks for you cause it looks like I'm pulling up to a Stopsign right now.
J--Macによって 2007年08月06日(月)
A person whom from a distance appears attractive but upon further inspection turns out to be ugly.

The term is derived from the motion in which you would drive over a speed bump. You slow down to check out said person and upon discovering how unattractive they really are you resume speed and continue on course.

The opposite of a Stopsign
Two young men walking together -
Joe: Yo, that girl is phat to death.
Rick: Yeah, lemme catch up to her before I try to holla.
"Rick and Joe catch up and continue to walk past"
Joe: Speedbump?
Rick: Totally.
J--Macによって 2007年08月06日(月)

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