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Medium sized creatures with black and white coloration. Have been known to congregate and dance. Apparently like mushrooms, but not snakes.
IanTheLUEserによって 2003年12月14日(日)
A place where the opposite of the norm happens. As shown in the example, instead you driving the car...
In Soviet Russia, car drives you!
IanTheLUEserによって 2003年12月14日(日)
A taunt or insult, generally used after another insult. Can be used to raise annoyingness of the insult by at least 3 fold.
Guess what? YOUR FACE! Whatnow!?
IanTheLUEserによって 2003年12月14日(日)
Additional info:
According to lore, the Clock Spider once had a ninth leg. That leg fell off one day and is now what Christians, Musilims, and Jews alike worship as God.
IanTheLUEserによって 2003年12月14日(日)