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3 definitions by Huhlowdogg23

double cry; more sad than a regular cry
"i hate you", ":''("
huhlowdogg23によって 2009年06月09日(火)
a manly moan, used after preforming a manly action. often said while flexing.
1. "Unhsee!"
2. "I just raped that basketball game, Uhnsee!"
Huhlowdogg23によって 2009年06月07日(日)
1.Less Than Four, a kick ass techno rap group from marlton, NJ. all there songs are made on NKM's Mac.

2. <4 is to show love much greater than <3.
1. "yo did you hear that new band Less than Four?"

2. "i <4 you!"
Huhlowdogg23によって 2009年06月10日(水)