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Nonexistent video game which people keep mistaking for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Sheer stupidity when you look at it, because why would anyone call MW2 Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2? That's what I call double-numbering a sequel, which is stupid.
Henry: Hey Marcus, I'm getting Call of Duty 6 Modern Warfare 2.

Marcus: Oh my goodness, the next person to say COD6:MW2 is getting punched in the face.
Frostbite249によって 2009年10月29日(木)
Nonexistant game which ignorant people keep mistaking for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
Gary: Hey, John! You gonna get Call of Duty 6?

John: Call of Duty 6? That doesn't exist, dude. I am, however, getting Modern Warfare 2.

Gary: Wouldn't that be COD6?

John: Gary... get lost.
Frostbite249によって 2009年10月29日(木)
Nonexistant game which people keep mistaking for World At War.
Gary: Hey, John, wanna play COD5?

John: Gary... I swear...

Gary: What?

John: It's not COD5, it's COD:WAW.

Gary: Whatever, same thing.

John: No, it isn't, and no, I do NOT wish to play with you. Leave me alone.
Frostbite249によって 2009年10月29日(木)
Abbreviation for "Fuck You Up" Not used too often.
xboxnerd22: hey chief wat r u doing?

Master_chief96: nm just got off from work y?

xboxnerd22: get online in halo so i can fyu again.

Frostbite249によって 2008年09月02日(火)
Nonexistent game which people keep mistaking for Call of Duty: World at War.

If anything, Modern Warfare 2 should be named Call of Duty 5, but Infinity Ward decided not to name it that, it's Modern Warfare 2 instead. Therefore, Call of Duty 5 isn't applicable to Modern Warfare to either.

SO, there is no such thing as Call of Duty 5.
Gary: Hey John, wanna pwn some noobs on Call of Duty 5?

John: For the last frickin' time, Gary, there's no such thing as Call of Duty 5!!! It's World at War, or WAW.

Gary: COD5 IS World at War, and who says WAW anyway? Sounds retarded.

John: It's short for WAW, better than saying 5, because THAT's even more retarded. Now just for that, no I will not play WAW with you. Go away.


Brandon: Hey Marcus, I'm buying COD5 soon.

Marcus: OMG, what is wrong with people?! There's no such thing as Call of Duty 5! WAW isn't 5!!!!!

Brandon: Who said anything about WAW? I'm talking about Call of Duty 5: Modern Warfare 2!!!

Marcus: What?! Oh lord, just get away from me!!!
Frostbite249によって 2009年10月29日(木)
A phrase used when a lurker (one who hangs around a forum, etc, and very rarely posts or contributes in any other way.) makes a stupid, off-topic, or otherwise random and nonsensical post or comment.
Masterchief1112: In 5 days, we'll be hosting a gaming tournament based on Half-Life and Halo. Anyone who wants to join just give me the word.

GordonFreeman2042: Wow, that's totally gonna kick ass. I'm in!

Wildwoody69: I pee in butts.

Masterchief1112: OK, you signed on a year ago, you haven't posted anything since, and you come here with this faggotry. LURK MOAR!
Frostbite249によって 2009年04月14日(火)