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An over the shoulder bag used by urban males. A common accessory found on metrosexuals
Tad carries his papers to work in his man purse.
Fred Garvinによって 2004年01月11日(日)
1. Mouth
2. Face
1. I'll kock you right in the fucking kisser.
2. That girl has a nice kisser.
Fred Garvinによって 2004年01月11日(日)
To whine.
Ted keeps bellyaching like a little bitch about lost trucker hat.
Fred Garvinによって 2004年01月11日(日)
Slang for a person (usually a woman) with an ugly face.
Man she has a really hot body, too bad about her burnt kisser.
Fred Garvinによって 2004年01月11日(日)
Pumped in the ass by a swedish-asian lover
I got Ogawa'd by Satoru.
Fred Garvinによって 2003年05月19日(月)
1. Shortened version of burnt out or burn out.
2. Ugly or unattractive.
1. Ted is one burnt motherfucker. He should really lay off the ganja.
2. That chick would be hot if it weren't for her burnt kisser.
Fred Garvinによって 2004年01月11日(日)

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