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aka: Baltimore, a city in Maryland
"Yo, yo, representin' up here in B-More!"
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月25日(火)
the state of being confused and amused at the same time
"I'm in a state of confusement over this shit!"
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月25日(火)
aka: Isroword
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月26日(水)
A mullet on an Asian: "Mekong Mudflap" or "Ho-Chi Mane"
"Cream of Some Young Guy over there is representin' witha Mekong Mudflap."

"Number 6 Beef and Broccoli's got himself a bad-boy Ho-Chi Mane."
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月25日(火)
Using your index and middle finger to squeeze someone's nipple; "the power of two becoming one"; can add "power" as a prefix to denote hard or rough; can indicate holidays (e.g., Merry Tweaksmas; Happy Tweaksgiving; St. Patweak's Day)
"It's time for your tweaking--give up those tender nipple buds!"
"We wish you a Merry Tweaksmas and a Happy New Tweak Year!"
"Okay, you can tweak me, but no power tweaks. Got it?"
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月25日(火)
"Girlfriend is workin' the fullet up in here!"
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月25日(火)
An afroword on a Jewish person.
"Put a yarmulke on that Isro, will ya?"
Freak Nastayによって 2003年02月26日(水)