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The guitar that Nirvana frontman and all around genius Kurt Cobain invented. Basically the top of a Fender Jaguar put on the bottom of a Fender mustang, hence Jag-Stang. Hard to find even though Fender has reissued them. Kickass guitar
Jagstangs are fucking expensive, which sucks cuz they're really nice!!
Frankoによって 2003年10月28日(火)
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Proper noun: A female that goes out only with cops and firemen.
Frankoによって 2003年10月26日(日)
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Vagina, Clitoris, Woman's genitals
That girl had a niceley shaven Power-U
frankoによって 2005年03月23日(水)
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vagina, pussy, female genitals
Yo I brought her home and went down on that Power-U
frankoによって 2005年03月23日(水)
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Verb: Same as 'fart'. Shortened version of 'cut the cheese'.
Johnny cut one in the doctor's office; cleared out the entire waiting room. I told him not to eat that entire can of beans!
Frankoによって 2003年10月26日(日)
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A kickass guitar which Gibson and Gibson spin off Kramer make. Also a few illegaly built Ibanez ones that are very hard to find. Favored by metal and hard rock bands such as Metallica because they look cool and have a very heavy sound.
James Hetfield's Explorer is fucking cool, if only i had one...
Frankoによって 2003年10月28日(火)
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Theodore Unit
a branch of the Wu-Tang Clan
Theodore Unit consists of
Ghostface Killah
Trife Da God
frankoによって 2005年03月23日(水)
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