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35 definitions by Frank Booth

v. in a multi-player gaming environment, to cause another player's score to drop to zero, thus removing him from the game or the round.
Hey, Hitman! U wanna zero Flame?
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月01日(土)
to speak (from boontling)
That boonter's harpin.
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月01日(土)
to hit someone over the head with a pillow, from TV's "The Electric Company"
Stop glunking your brother.
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月18日(火)
something you were once familiar with, but haven't thought of in ten years
Hey, I got one! "I ain't gon' bump no mo' wif no big fat woman!" Tenner?
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月07日(金)
You can't harp my ling.
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月02日(日)
to eat a banana while holding your nose. From TV's "The Electric Company."
I can't sploosh. It takes too long.
Frank Boothによって 2006年04月25日(火)
a angry atheist activist, now deceased. She traveled the nation to proclaim the non-existence of God. And she hated religion. She wasn't just an atheist. She was really, really mad about it. And she was an aggressive woman. And a real Large Marge. Even Ayn Rand, herself an atheist and angry as well, disdained her.

She went missing for over a year and finally turned up murdered.
Madalyn Murray O'Hair, you sure are an angry atheist, you crazy bitch.
Frank Boothによって 2005年01月09日(日)