3 definitions by Fraggle Max

1. v. To engage in sexual intercourse in a careless (or sloppy) manner.

2. v. To engage in sexual intercourse viloently with the intention of transforming one's partner's genitals into meat.
1. Jeff porked Carole in the urinals cuz he had to vomit and then feel asleep before finishing.

2. I porked her senseless.
Fraggle Maxによって 2007年08月27日(月)
The act of making one's life more private
Status update:
Max is unfacebooking.
Fraggle Maxによって 2007年09月17日(月)
Short for a French wench.
Sophie is such a fwench. I think she did a summer abroad in Aberdeen.
Fraggle Maxによって 2008年02月17日(日)