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loose Jamaican slang term meaning someone who is frequently and annoyingly over-partial to recieving and not giving with respect to either weed or any smoking accessories i.e. rizla, and yet has the gall to ask again and again and again whilst talking a 'good game'.
som' a' joker smoker
Emperor Xistによって 2006年01月27日(金)
in the United Kingdom, an early 1990's amphetamine substance shaped into a small pellet type ball hence name 'rugby ball'.

not as strong as freebase rocks but still a good buzz
hey Holtey, got any of them rugby balls left?
Emperor Xistによって 2006年02月01日(水)
In the United Kingdom, an early 1990's strain of LSD that featuread a black and white face of the ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev
"I'll do you three Gorbachev's for a tenner"
Emperor Xistによって 2006年01月27日(金)
1980's hip hop slang term possibly now defunct. refers to a girl with big feet.
she has a pair of shalakas on her, mannn
Emperor Xistによって 2006年02月01日(水)
above average insult to someone who you don't like, especially effective if said to a female - preferbly your whining girlfriend
what the f*ck you talking about now, ya dick wart
Emperor Xistによって 2006年02月01日(水)
someone, male or female, who swallows the sperm of a male.

and insult for someone you dont like
"kiss my ass, sperm gurgler"
Emperor Xistによって 2006年01月27日(金)
In the United Kingdom, a 1990's strain of LSD featuring a green arabic motif
i'll do you three green ohms for a tenner
Emperor Xistによって 2006年02月01日(水)

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