4 definitions by Draculahunter

1) To exclaim something with much emotion
2) A city in Kansas
1) Bazine!
2) Bazine...
Draculahunterによって 2003年11月02日(日)
1) The plural for of tooth.
2) To be be overwhelming; to make suprised
3) Sharp pointy things used to tear open portals leading to another dimetion of time and space, formally known as a bumbley buzzard.
1) I have teeth
2) I have no teeth
3) My teeth are rancidly grotesque
Draculahunterによって 2003年11月02日(日)
Some thing that has little or no significance.
w3rd to your mother's father and all of his followers!
Draculahunterによって 2003年11月02日(日)
Eyebrows that make people look angry, when actually, they are sad and lonly.
I better put on my angy eybrows for this one. Now I must cut my own finger off with this razor sharp razor.
Draculahunterによって 2003年11月02日(日)