35 definitions by Dr. Shatner

Slang for graveyard.
I wonder what happens when they fill up that boneyard?
Dr. Shatnerによって 2004年06月06日(日)
A mite bit cold.
"It's a tit nipply out this mornin', son. Let's get the cows fed sos we can get inside and watch football."
Dr. Shatnerによって 2004年06月06日(日)
Beating someone to such a degree that he or she must stay overnight in a hospital.
"Christ, my new boss could really use a hospital job."
Dr. Shatnerによって 2004年06月06日(日)
1. Having current sexual knowledge of a female. 2. Being aware of the existance of something (usually something positive). See also all up in that.
"You see Lisa last night?" "I'm up in that, G." "Word."
Dr. Shatnerによって 2004年06月06日(日)
An attractive girl with serious issues.
"What are you doing with that danger angel? Just fuck her and be done with her."
Dr. Shatnerによって 2004年06月06日(日)

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