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4 definitions by Denzil

A massive penis - a Lady killer
"christ he had a right cunt buster he nearly split me in two"
Denzilによって 2005年06月09日(木)
you should know better as ( far as i`m concered )
denzilによって 2003年05月27日(火)
Phonetic contraction of Aphex Twin, though considered a name in its own right.
AFX is one of Richard D. James' many pseudonyms
Denzilによって 2005年06月11日(土)
The condition of experiencing large amounts of pain due to reflection of light from snow into (unprotected) eyes. Often problematic at high altitudes and at polar regions.
Peter, not taking the proper precautions, broke his ankle on Everest due to being snowblind.
Denzilによって 2005年06月11日(土)