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3 definitions by Dan Shaughnessy

a high speed pass along the twisty roads of pelican marsh, in many cases this type of course results in loss of traction and excessive tire wear
Bro, im bored... ive got a full tank of gas and bran new tires. Lets run the pelicanmarsh Gt500
Dan Shaughnessyによって 2003年06月16日(月)
To all out hard core no mercy rape the shit outta someone for no reason what so ever.
"Mand did u see that fight? Yeah the lil white kid got totaly rizapled bro"
Dan Shaughnessyによって 2003年06月15日(日)
A weak underpowered car
A V6 mustang
Dan Shaughnessyによって 2003年06月15日(日)