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Acronym for Awkward Man Hug.
Guy 1: "Thanks for the help man"
Guy 2: "No probs"
Guy 1: "a.m.h.!"
Cweekによって 2005年06月27日(月)
Hugging someone so hard that they can't breathe. Can be harmful to people with asthma, or if administered by fat people.
Alright, you can hug me, just don't give me a hug overdose! Last time, I couldn't breathe!
Cweekによって 2005年06月27日(月)
Giving someone a hug which almost literally squeezes the breath out of them.
Okay... you can hug me, just don't give me a hug overdose!
Cweekによって 2005年06月21日(火)
1) Yellow fruit containing high amounts of vitamin C.
2) Lemony person who typically gets unwanted attention.
Lemon Mirangue, Lemon Snowcone, Tom Willis
Cweekによって 2005年03月17日(木)
1) To be merry is to be jolly or happy
2) Oversized heat-giving choir boy
Tom was feeling Merry.

Richard Merrison
Cweekによって 2005年03月17日(木)

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