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1. Slang for being very high or intoxicated
Shit bro i got pretty fuckin dizzee last night
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月04日(日)
1. Mixing multiple kinds of marijuana in one pipe or blunt
Me: Shit niggs that looks like a herb salud in dat bitch
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月04日(日)
1. The sizes of different doobies
(1. Asian Skinny)
(2. Turkish Thin)
(3. Frenchy Fagg)
(4. Albanian Chub)
(5. Chowder Chub)
(6. Swedish Shwamm Rapp)
(7. German Jaloppy)
(8. Polish Pot Sticker)
(9. Polish Dub)
(10. Polish Phatty)
John: Hey bro, what size is that on the doobie scale?

Jim: i think thats a German Jaloppy.
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月03日(土)
1. Great 2. Above All 3. unexplainably great
Grand Theft Auto Iv is gnarlytastic bro
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月04日(日)
1. slang for police officer 2. Someone working for the U.S. government
bob: hey dude he looks like a johagan lets get out of here
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月04日(日)
1. To be fondled or touched at a private part
Dude stay away from him he might shnoogal your ass.
Crizzle McGizzleによって 2008年05月03日(土)

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