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a fish taco supreme is a vagina during a period that has already been filled with cum.

*warning* eat at own risk
i didn't enjoy kelly's fish taco with tomatoes, until i added my own sour cream. fish taco supreme! yum
crimson scorchによって 2006年11月26日(日)
to cum on a woman's face and smear the cum around with your penis.
samantha wanted to play games, so i wrote on her with a messy crayon.
crimson scorchによって 2006年11月18日(土)
a fish taco with extra tomatoes is simply a vagina during a period.

*warning* eat at own discretion
dude, i went over to sarah's house last night... unfortunately, i didn't know she'd be serving me a fish taco with extra tomatoes!
crimson scorchによって 2006年11月26日(日)
a fish taco with sour cream is simply a vagina full of cum.

*warning* eat at your own discretion
man... last night i went over to carrie's house and ate me a fish taco with sour cream
crimson scorchによって 2006年11月26日(日)
when something is in such great abundance that the only words given to quantify it is "so much"
dude, free parking? that kicks so much ass!
Crimson Scorchによって 2005年05月17日(火)

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