4 definitions by Couch monster

The finest malt liquor one can find in corner stores. Only true savs find themselves drinking this treat from the Irish gods.
Tonight, we drink Mickey's and we will get drunk.
Couch monsterによって 2003年11月10日(月)
Bastard, with latin flair
that fuckin' bastardo just cut me off!
Couch monsterによって 2003年11月10日(月)
A type of stew made every Sunday by local bums down by the bridge. My grandpa and his friends throw rocks at and try to knock over the Mulligan Stew makers. Sometimes has carrots in it.
Mmmmm... there's nothing like Mulligan's Stew on a cool Sunday afternoon.
Couch monsterによって 2003年11月13日(木)
when someone tries to eat muffins but cannot
my mom made muffins and then I was muffing around.
Couch monsterによって 2003年11月13日(木)