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2 definitions by CabooseTheTeamKiller

Screamed in agony by someone who moves to Wyoming before realizing it sucks the life out of you.
Man falls to his knees, ripping out his hair (which is quickly blown to Nebraska): "Why? Oh My God, Why?"
CabooseTheTeamKillerによって 2009年03月08日(日)
Bum-fuck America.
Everything is brown.
Worse than Hell (Over 100 degrees in the summer and below zero in the winter).
Always windy.
Home to a special breed of humans known as "Homodumbasses".
Bad drivers!
The asshole of America.
If I owned Wyoming and Hell I'd rent this place out and live in Hell.
CabooseTheTeamKillerによって 2009年03月08日(日)