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(H.W)President of the United States in the years 1988-1992. Moderately sucessful president who continued policies of the Reagan administration. So the ultimate sucess of his predecessors plan to drive the USSR under through massive military spending. Fought a sucessful war to liberate Kumwait from Saddam Hussein, but failed to remove him from power, leaving a disaster in Iraq which his son had to clean up a decade later. Known for saying "Read my lips, no new taxes". Suceeded by Bill Clinton.
(W.)Current president of the United States 2000-2008. Narrowly defeated Al Gore in 2000 election on issues of morals and smaller government,course of presidency deflected by Spetember 11th attacks. Invaded Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban, against protests of Socialist governments in Europe and Liberal pundits at home, Invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam Hussien. Recently won reelection in contest against John Kerry. Plans massive overhaul of government welfare state programs such as Social Security, Medicare and a simplification of the tax code. George W. has been criticized by a wide variety of people, mainly because he says what he means on subjects he considers important and doesnt give a shit if Hollywood, European secularists, Left College Students, or the New York Times disagrees with him or consider him insensitive. Has old-fashioned and conservative values which are especially repugnant to moral relativists and members of alternate lifestyle groups. Has a great deal of satire directed at him along the axes of gross stupidity and ingenious nefarious plans for world domination, sometimes, amazingly, in the same criticism. Despite his utter hatred from a few dedicated circles, the vast majority of Americans respect his honesty and determination to do what he believes is right, and a simple majority of Americans believe he is the right man to lead the country.
"Shave your Bush!"
-Amusing college girls
"George Bush is the next Hitler, and hes a goddamned scumbag just like his fucking father!"
-Angry man at Michael Moore rally who was almost arrested for threatening yours truly
"Man, Bush may not speak too good, but hes a good man, a hell of a better man then all those assholes who are dissing him"
-Old man at the bus stop
Bran the Manによって 2004年12月20日(月)
As in an idviudal who has capital, be it property, natural resources, means of production or labor, all of which constitute capital. In modern usage, meant to signify someone who believes or participates in a capitalist economic system, in which labor, capital, or other resources are bartered for paper currency which can be used to by whichever othe form of capital the currency holder desires. Capitalist also signifies someone who wishes to avoid excessive government involvement or regulation in this system of capital bartering.
"The United States economy is a Capitalist rather then a communist economy"
-Economics textbook
"Globalization is run by capitalist pigs, but us potsmoking unwashed student types are going to stand up to your opression by eating granola instead of Lucky Charms and drinking strained carrot juice instead of Pepsi. To show our opposition to your evil capitalist establishment, we will act morally superior at all times, be very depressed about the state of the world, and occasionally go to protests and carry signs"
-Spolied children of upper middle class parents
Bran the Manによって 2004年12月20日(月)
Initially associated with a philosopy of personal liberty and self reliance, protected by Libretatrian and democratic government, mainly defined as such in the years 1750-1963 (Ending upon the death of John F. Kennedy)

Currently signifies, at least in western democracies, a dedication to what was previously known as socialism, with chief tenets including Government provided healthcare and education, along with mild to heavy redistribution of wealth through "Progressive" taxes based upon income. Also generally associated with the moral relativism and supposed "nonjudgementalism" of American celebrities, Secular Statesman in Europe and a whole range of other "Progressives" who criticize the current system of regulated capitalism in place in the United States. To be fair to liberals, though their economic ideas appeal especially to those within the so called "Progressive" community, the semi-socialist modern liberalism is a seperate entity from the relativists, nonjudgementalists and general haters of western civilisation and its norms(See Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Barbara Streisand, etc)
"The problem with hollywood is its full of liberals like Chevy Chase, who have no connection with the average Americans values"
-Commentators such as Bill Oreilly
"We must embrace a liberal economic agenda or the minorities in our society will never be equal"
-Jesse Jackson
Bran the Manによって 2004年12月20日(月)

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