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Member of the DOV and Minister of the clown, known for his antics and affination for the boggarts.
"yo, black belt board is coming to town for the Talking Heads show!"
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月18日(木)
Alter ego of El Duce, El Crispenus, ally and administratrix of The Horn, member of the DOV
"The Penix is here, let's go to McDonalds!"
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月18日(木)
Owner of the "Pop Byrd" dojo, alter ego of Scatman Cruthers and nemesis of "Pinky."
"yo, Pop Byrd, put those pork chops in the fridge with the beer and the broads."
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月15日(月)
Member of DOV, his boss is Bruce, a.k.a Gamblor and lives for the Shore.
"what's the elder statesman doing with the evil one?"
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月18日(木)
Member of DOV, hater of "TRUTH" commercials and wearer of the leather pants.
"don't fear the sleeper..."
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月18日(木)
Another name for the heroic "Black Belt Jones," friend of Pop Byrd, enemy of Pinky and the Boggarts, alter ego of Jim "Enter Dragon" Kelly.
"Yo, Pop needs help - go get Belt!"
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月15日(月)
the sound one makes when inserting ones nuts into anothers mouth; see The Teabag.
"Oh man, you got hosed! Dip Dip!"
Black Belt Jonesによって 2003年09月15日(月)

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