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Another name for a Mexican, coined by a small group of people in Colorado
Damn those cheddars and their polka music.
Bibiによって 2006年05月10日(水)
Popular Korean singer who's voice doesn't match his body. Formerly in Turbo (an old popular Korean band), he has released four solo albums and is now currently serving army duty (T_T). He's frequently on Korean variety shows like X-Man and Loveletter.
Kim Jung Kook's voice is really high for someone who works out so much! LOL
BiBiによって 2006年04月15日(土)
An extremely stupid Mexican
Jorge is such a bean dip!
Bibiによって 2006年05月10日(水)
one of the worst living people alive
Georgia grandstaff needs to gte over herself!
bibiによって 2003年07月31日(木)
Actually means marble marble in vietnamses.
Bibi head
bibiによって 2003年11月17日(月)
noun meaning a person who is a mix between a Mexican and a Causcasian. In elite circles in Colorado, Mexicans are known as Cheddars. Since white people are know as crackers, a child of the two would be called this.
My nephew is a Cheese Nip.
Bibiによって 2006年05月10日(水)

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