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A racial slur that is used when an african-american has cornrows. Originated in the south.
Clem: That negro got dem nigger knots.

Billy: He shur duz!
Bertishによって 2005年06月21日(火)
See Counter-Strike Source for my whole razing of CS. Just download Americas Army, its much more realistic, and its just as addictive. I play CS once and that was it, it freakin sucked. So play AA or get outside and get some fresh air ppl
Stop playing video games and get a life people!
Bertishによって 2005年06月21日(火)
A ghetto ass video game that looks like shit and plays like shit. If you're gonna play a REAL military game download americas army freaks! AND FORGET World of Warcraft too, or better yet get outside and get some fresh air gamers!
Play Americas Army or dont play at all and get some fresh air nerds!
Bertishによって 2005年06月21日(火)

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