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When you're "doing" a girl, and you try to get both your balls AND your dick inside of her (there isn't enough room for both).
I pulled the Dog in the Bathtub last night on LaFawnda; I'm single today.
BAM -- I'm scene!によって 2005年01月31日(月)
A girl is giving you head, and right before you cum, you pull your dick out and squirt it in her eye so she is blinded. Then, when she stands up, you kick her as hard as you can in the shin so she hobbles around like she has a peg leg. GROWL!
I pulled the Salty Pirate on LaFawnda last night; I'm single today.
BAM -- I'm scene!によって 2005年01月31日(月)
Cum around someone's neck.
I gave LaFawnda a Pearl Necklace last night -- it looked good on her.
BAM -- I'm scene!によって 2005年02月01日(火)

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