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Used as a follow-up to the phrase "You get drive".
"You get drive, me come also."
Author Gregによって 2003年06月22日(日)
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A phrase used to decribe something as being crazy, insane, and/or cool.

Derivation: thename of the Japanese band "The Mad Capsule Markets"
"Did you see that flip!? That was Mad Capsule, dude!"

"He killed himself?... Mad Capsule, man."
Author Gregによって 2003年12月03日(水)
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Slang for the penis.
"My ding-jimmy's busted."
Author Gregによって 2003年12月03日(水)
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The definition is unclear, but this phrase originated in a conversation between Andy and Greg. It is believed to have something to do with the ability to drive, i.e. getting your license or buying a new car. Usually followed by the phrase "Me come also."
"Yeah, I've finally got my car."
"Sweet, you get drive!"
"Yeah, we should go somewhere."
Author Gregによって 2003年06月22日(日)
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Unknown; it doesn't exist.
"My wing-dam is eighteen inches long."

"What the frell is a wing-dam?"

"I don't know. I just like telling people that I have one and that it's eighteen inches long."
Author Gregによって 2003年12月03日(水)
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